Everyone’s got a reason to tour. What’s yours?

Having grown up here, I’ve seen both the changes my home county has gone through and the variety of folks who want to know what the simple life is all about. Everyone’s got their reasons for visiting, so every tour I give is personalized to meet those reasons.

Individuals want something other than just the typical tourist stops.

Couples, younger and older, tend to want a quieter experience with a few more romantic, out of the way places sprinkled in along the way.

Families with kids love to go to farms, see animals, and get a more hands-on experience as to how the Amish do life differently.

Groups often enjoy experiences with an opportunity to do fun, collective and team building kinds of activities.

Church groups want to dive into the religious history of the Amish culture by going to places like Behalt.

School groups need a tour designed to keep everyone excited and attentive with the right combination of information and fun.

RV & camping folks love the idea of not having to drive themselves and still enjoy the Amish countryside in a larger, safer luxury Mercedes Sprinter.

Veterans have an enormous appetite for all the little details and the behind the scenes knowledge that they can’t get anywhere else.

Handicap folks are welcome to take one of my tours. Please call ahead to make sure I understand and can accommodate all of your special needs.

Companies usually have tighter deadlines and want their contingency to see as much stuff as possible in the limited free time they have.

First-timers to Amish country get overloaded with literature and need someone to cut through the clutter and take them to the best of the best places.

Special Occasions of all kinds bring folks to Holmes County all year long. Check out my Special Events page to learn more about how I can help set up your next event.

You, your family and your group may have unique interests that combine some or all of the above. So, rest assured, your tour will be as unique as you are. See “Tours & Dining” for more details.